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Feb 17, 2019

The Birth Of The LVRG Membership

Our Founder and CEO, Sylvania Harrod has found a way to feed 1 billion people around the world..

On March 24th, 2018, Sylvania launched the first LVRG membership offer. With an expectation of only 40-50 people that would be interested, within 48 hours, over 1,500 small business owners and entrepreneurs wanted to join LVRG.

It all started by asking ourselves "what would happen if entrepreneurs and small business owners came together for a common cause?"

Word got out, and soon enough, it expanded form what was originally supposed to be a private launch between a handful of people, to what is now a membership association of over 650 people that stands for something much bigger than just saving money and getting deals. 

What Makes LVRG So Different?

What we have done is we have created a membership that people subscribe to every month that gives them access to the deals and discounts that we have negotiated with companies around the...

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